The Dream

January 2020

2020. We are excited, humbled, grateful and ready. We know God has big things in store for the Dream Center of Tampa and our goal is to embrace it and run with it. With hearts of expectation and promise, we have decided to launch our first ever monthly newsletter titled The Dream! Our heart is to create a virtual space that allows you to see glimpses into our world at the Dream Center. You will read of the victories, faithfulness and growth we witness on an everyday basis. We hope to develop a community of people who believe in what we do, stand on our mission and vision and partner with us spiritually, physically and financially. Join us on this journey of making our kids dreams within reach, we always have room for more family.

Our mission is to empower our community to lead powerful and purpose-filled lives.

Our vision is to transform lives in our community through caring relationships.

We have learned that there is nothing we can do to transform lives, only God is responsible for transformation but we can CARE. We want to CARE so deeply that hearts are open to God’s transformation.

As we move into this new year we are focusing deeply on being the face of the community, we have learned we must show up consistently to create lasting change.We must build trust in order to instill hope. In 2020, we will be the face of the community for caring relationships that lead to life transformation. The Dream Center of Tampa’s goal is to be a beacon of light in our city. Another exciting shift we are working toward is intentional one-on-one mentorship. Having committed adults who are meeting with our kids weekly to help them grow into their purpose is a vital part in their becoming.

Our staff looks forward to partaking in the classes and certifications to grow our insights:

  • Trauma Based Training class with Kelli Wild, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Intervention).
  • Mindful Mentoring Training with Angela Mott, the CEO and Founder of Her Impact. Angela is a Community Leader and Activist who is dedicated to dismantling the systemic problems of racism by addressing the narratives that created it.
  • CPR and First Aid Certification Course by Joyce Baker

DCT Member God Story

We are so excited to share all that God is doing in the lives of our members, volunteers and staff! January 2020 was the official launch of our individualized mentorship program here at the Dream Center of Tampa. All volunteers that arrive at 4 pm and come on a weekly basis have the opportunity to mentor one of the children they connect with. This mentorship lasts a minimum of 4 months, with the goal for child and mentor to stay connected for years. During this one-hour a week time, the mentor and mentee spend 30 minutes engaging in educational activities and spend the last 30 minutes doing personal growth activity! We currently have 11 children being mentored! We are excited for community, love and dreams to be built during this time. Volunteers feel more connected to our mission and kids feel more seen and heard, it is an absolute win-win for everyone.

Programming Highlights

Spring 2020 Programs

Monday – Art // G3 Be More, Art With Mrs. Debbie, Intermediate Art with Ms. Lakeema

Tuesday – Sports // Karate, G3 Sports, Girls On The Run, Basketball

Wednesday – Life Skills // Instruments 4 Life, G3 Life & Social Skills, Magnificent Me

Thursday – Education // Around The World, Mad Science, Girls On The Run, G3 Literacy

Partner Highlight

Tampa Bay Party Project

“We believe that every child deserves the joy of celebrating their birthday, making lifelong memories, and feeling loved and valued regardless of family situation or financial ability. Our mission is to empower children and families in need by strengthening family, social and community connections through education and celebration.”

We are blessed to partner with Tampa Bay Party Project on a monthly basis to celebrate our members birthdays, complete with games, pizza, face painting, gifts and cupcakes! It is truly such a special time for our children and their families!

Staff Highlight

Executive Director: Chris Davis

“When I was a kid I helped my mom raise my nephews and niece Alandris, Jovan and Andrele and they were in desperate need of someone to love and care for them while their parents were not able to. Both my brother and sister were in and out of jail/prison for most of their children’s lives and my mom took them all in to keep them from being caught up in the system. They have seen some of the worst situations and circumstances and have also had the blessing of being shielded from many other traumatic experiences because of their grandmother “my mom” decided to take them in.

Every time I see one of the Young Dreamers come through the doors of DCT I see my little nephews and niece and I know what chance they were given and the dangers they avoided because they had a safe place to call home and a family that loves them genuinely with the love of Jesus Christ. I want each of the Young Dreamers to reach their fullest potential and provide them with the resources and relationships (Village) to assist them on their journey.

This is what keeps me going because every day God gives us the unique opportunity to be a safe place and He entrusts us to sow seeds of life transformation!”

Volunteer Love

“My name is Sharon Mastrogiacomo and I moved from Boston to Tampa 4 years ago.  I had checked out several churches before I finally found Grace Family, and when I did, I knew I was home.  Volunteer opportunities at the Dream Center kept coming up at services and God kept nudging me to serve there.  It took me a minute to obey, but finally, I did. I have been volunteering at the Dream Center for a little over three years now.  I have always loved mentoring youth.  My three children are grown and out of the house and I thought what better way to be around, love and influence children then at the Dream Center.

I love that the Dream Center is Christian based and teaches hope and unconditional love through Jesus Christ.  It is a wonderful program for the kids to come to after school and participate in amazing activities:  sports, games, house competition, art, computer, music, fitness, health and nutrition, dance, yoga, karate, etc.  And yes, we also help those kids that need it with homework as we hold the kids accountable to get good grades.
The values of Respect, Integrity, Empowerment, Excellence and Generosity are a part of the every day curriculum at the Dream Center.  Values we are all held accountable for. 

The kids at the Dream Center are such a blessing in my life.  They bring me love and joy every time I walk into the building.  It takes a village to raise kids today and that’s exactly what these kids get at the Dream Center.  I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”

Sharon Mastrogiacomo

Prayer Requests

Please be in consistent prayer for our staff, volunteers, members and city! Prayer changes things and we boldly proclaim victory in this city. We believe ALL of our children are capable and worthy of living their dreams. Pray that they believe that, that they hold strong to that. Lift up our volunteers as they are world changers in this community. Pray that we all choose to see Jesus in every part of this and lean on Him as provider, comforter and healer.

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