Partner with Us

We couldn’t do it without our community. By partnering with our local and national business and corporations through philanthropic support,  we are able to continue our mission of empowering our community to live purpose-filled lives. You’ll be stepping into a life-changing connection that empowers the child and their community for a future filled with opportunity.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can get involved with the Dream Center through multiple venues:

Match Your Employees' Gifts

Organizations can double their impact when you match gifts to the Dream Center. If you already have a matching program, please contact us.

Grant Funding

The Dream Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with programs and services that often fit the focus of corporate giving programs. To inquire about grant opportunities please contact us.

Event or Outreach Sponsorship

For 7 years, the Dream Center has been providing backpacks filled with school supplies, supplying goods for holiday dinners, and gifting Christmas presents to the less fortunate through our different events. Your organization or business can make a huge impact by sponsoring one of these events or outreaches. The Dream Center also hosts fundraising events throughout the year, that provide opportunities for any business or organization to not just contribute effectively, but to build charitable brand awareness.

Corporate Volunteering

Sharing time and talents together by volunteering at the Dream Center is a great way to boost morale and inspire cooperation. Organizations can help with providing medical or educational support, working at one of the Dream Center’s events, or organizing a project of their own. For more info on how to get involved, please contact us.

Corporate Gifts-In-Kind

Donations of perishable food items are always welcome and needed. These items help keep costs down and provide care for those in need. The Dream Center also accepts new laptops, school supplies, and art supplies on an ongoing basis.

Sponsor a Program

Now you can make a direct impact by becoming a sponsor, and help to make a lasting difference in the Dream Center’s day to day programing.

Sponsor a Program

Art with Ms.Debbie

Ms. Debbie believes that teaching and empowering students in directed art, as well as the freeform art of self-expression. She does this by giving them tools for the wide world of art, and guidance and experience in the use of varied art mediums. Budding young artists discover new and exciting ways to express themselves in a nurturing and creative environment.



College Builders/ STEM Tutoring

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy.



Tampa Bay Party Project

To empower children and families in need by strengthening family, social and
community connections.  
​To ensure that every child experiences the joy of celebrating their birthday regardless of family situation or financial ability.



Food Culture

Food culture refers to the practices, attitudes, and beliefs as well as the networks and institutions surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption of foodFood culture is the connection, beliefs, and experience we have with food and our food system. It incorporates our cultural heritage and ethnicity, but is not limited to it. Our food culture is as much about our ethnic cultural heritage, as it is about our environmental culture and the way our surrounding impact the foods we eat and the way we experience them.



Instruments 4 Life

Instruments 4 Life is a 501(c)3 charity that empowers youth through music education and mentorship. We believe that all, children regardless of socio-economic
status, deserve an opportunity to learn something as powerful as music.



G3 Life Applications

To transition the thinking, values, and actions of our youth and young adults within disadvantaged, at-risk, and our surrounding communities. Our measurable outcomes continue to reflect our impact on participant’s learned skills, actions, and everyday lives.



Your Logo

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support over the last year. Donors like you are vital to the Dream Center and the achievement of our mission. As a tax-exempt organization, every donation counts and we couldn’t have made the same impact without your contributions. From our family at the Dream Center of Tampa, we want to extend our deep appreciation. Thank you for making such a difference in our community.